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We custom design any size or shape tent Frame Tents is Africa’s market leaders in the manufacture and design of Frame Tents, Aluminium Tents, Storage Tents and Warehouse Tents.  We guarantee best prices, superior quality and excellent services.  Frame Tents are available in Widths of 5m-60m, 5m bays and eave heights from 3m-6.2m in structures of unlimited length. This innovative Structure system is the ideal solution for Warehouses, Storage Facilities, Exhibitions, Conferences and Events.  Frame Tents have no center poles and are suitable for erection on almost any type of surface.  The absence of center poles creates an open and airy feel with unobstructed views and allows for maximum use of the interior space. Clear span Frame Tents creates a unique surrounding for high profile events. The ultimate in design flexibility, Frame Tents provide a well secured environment for short and long term installations. Frame Tents are versatile and highly durable which provides the user with both quick installation and dismantling times.

Big Tent 12m

 Big Tent 12 M

big tent 15m

Big Tent 15 M

big tent 21mBig Tent 21 M

big tent 25m

Big Tent 25 M

big tent 30m

Big Tent 30 M

big tent 40m

Big Tent 40 M

big tent 50mBig Tent 50 M

frame tents frame tents  frame tents

Span width Eave height Ridge height Bay spacing Longest component
15.00 m 4.00 m* 6.30 m 5.00 m 8.03 m
20.00 m 4.00 m* 7.00 m 5.00 m 10.37 m
25.00 m 4.00 m* 7.80 m 5.00 m 10.37 m
30.00 m 4.00 m* 8.70 m 5.00 m 10.35 m
40.00 m 4.00 m* 10.30 m 5.00 m 10.50 m
50.00 m 4.00 m* 11.90 m 5.00 m 10.50 m
This tent design has been used for a lot of years. You could almost say that it brings a sense of emotional comfort for those who use it.
Body Conformity:
Frame Material: Aluminium frame, Structural 6261 T6 Grade Extruded Aluminium.
Connectors and Fitters: Fabricated electro-galvanised steel
Standard PVC Fabric: Ferrari 502, Waterproof, Fire Retardant, Destructible and Mildew Resistant.
Wind speed: 100 km/h
Frame tents conform to traditional geometric figures and shapes. This reduces time, cost, material, and weight.
The width of M series tent available : 10 m/1 m/15 m/16 m/20 m/21 m/25 m/26 m
Length can be extended by 5m
Recycle using with long life, Easy set up and dismantle, Convenient stock and transport.
Made by very advanced technology.
M series clear span tents can be applied as exhibition tent, marquee big party tent, wedding tent, corporate event tent, warehouse tent, garden tent, industrial tent, trade show tent, commercial tent, carport tent, military and relief tent, high peak mixed tent etc.
Optional accessories: Decoration lining, light, ABS solid wall, ground anchors ,PVC-clear for sidewalls, wooden floor, glass door, rain gutters, portable toilets, gas stoves, chairs, tables, table cloths, chair covers, widows.
Custom made tent is welcome.
Frame packed in membrane film
Hardware packed in wooden case
Roof and side wall in professional PVC carry bag



  • – In some countries approval is needed to set up a tent larger than 75 m 2.
  • -The owner of the tent has the sole responsibility to make sure that these local rules are followed and that the mounting is correct.
  • -In case of bad weather conditions, it is your responsibility to ensure that people inside are safe and that the tent does not cause damage to others.
  • -Do not use open fire, welding equipment or other ignition sources in the tent. Though the fabric is made of flame retardant material it can still burn.
  • -It is always recommended that you secure your tent properly with safety straps and augers when you put up the structure.
  • -We recommend you to insure the tent, or check if it is covered by home contents insurance, in case of unplanned events, accidents or bad weather.
  • -Tents are meant as temporary shelter and must be evacuated under extreme weather conditions.